he/they - minor

SUP! I'm Michael, but you can call me Finn!! :) I love to draw and animate!


Finn Mertens - Adventure Time
Neon J - No Straight Roads
Snake Man - Mega Man
Bass/Forte - Mega Man
Blues (Proto Man) - Mega Man
X - Mega Man X
Cyber Elf X - Mega Man Zero


Pico - Pico's School
Boyfriend - Friday Night Funkin'
Elec Man - Mega Man
Fuse Man - Mega Man
Rock (Mega Man) - Mega Man
Terra - Mega Man
Flash Man - Mega Man
Cut Man - Mega Man
Heat Man - Mega Man
Sage Harpuia - Mega Man Zero
Prince Gumball - Fionna and Cake
Fun - Adventue Time (Elements)
Simon Petrikov - Adventure Time
Clancy - The Midnight Gospel
DJ Subatomic Supernova - No Straight Roads
Pocket - Trick Moon
Basil - Omori


Zero - Mega Man Zero
Copy X - Mega Man Zero
Mega Man.EXE - Mega Man Battle Network
Rock Volnutt - Mega Man Legends
Plant Man - Mega Man
Fuse Man - Mega Man
K.O - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!
KEL - Omori
BASIL - Omori


Gemini Man - Mega Man
Crash Man - Mega Man
Top Man - Mega Man
Quick Man - Mega Man
Bright Man - Mega Man
Shadow Man - Mega Man
Zero - Mega Man X
Girlfriend - Friday Night Funkin'
Bee - Bee and PuppyCat
Sticky - Bee and PuppyCat
Marceline - Adventure Time


  • I am NOT a personal therapist, I'll be glad to listen and give input, but don't expect me to be at 100% 100% of the time

  • Even if I don't agree with your opinions, it doesn't mean we can't be friends! Just please don't hold me up to your opinions or expectations then act outraged if they aren't what you expected

  • I can be really awkward at times, and I may not messages for days or even weeks if not messaged first!!! If I don't reply to you after you message, I greatly apologize.

  • Please DO NOT send me random art of yours with no context or without asking!!! This pressures immediate positive feedback without being given a chance to decline.

  • I take my kins and interests VERY seriously!!! Please respect them; and if you don't, that's okay, just dni :)

  • I am a VivziePop supporter.


  • If you're transphobic, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-kin, are a furry hater, or harass people for what they ship

  • If you want to be my friend just for free art